In the centre of Zürich, there is a shop wich is renowned throughout Switzerland and abroad. To connoisseurs, no.7 Münsterhof is synonymous with fine cheese. Chäs Vreneli has decades of experience in selling cheese, but behind its traditional shopfront you'll find a quality of service that is very much of the late 20th century. Its manager is Jürg Wartmann. He has developed his own highly distinctive retailing philosophy, selling natural, high quality cheeses portioned, packed and distributed all over the world, with the accent on freshness.

The fine dairy cheeses are very much a natural product. Storing, cutting and packing them takes a great deal of expertise, and today's mass-production packing technology does not do them justice. Our cheeses come from expert cheesemakers using age old recipes. We believe in selling fresh cheeses, in any size or quantity to anywhere in the world. So although nature does most of the work, we make sure our cheese reaches you as fresh as the day it was made